BOSTON, March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — FinMason, a Boston-based financial technology and investment analytics firm, today announced today the launch of FinRiver, a set of flexible and lightning-fast APIs that provide firms with easy access to the Algonath. One of the largest independent analytics platforms in the wealth management industry, the Algonath is a proprietary platform built from the ground up by FinMason.

“With FinRiver, we enable technology firms, custodians, broker/dealers and others who serve advisors to help them be more effective in explaining portfolios, thereby providing greater value to their clients,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CFA, CEO and founder of FinMason. “FinRiver delivers fully customized data sets which serve to differentiate advisors from the competition in the marketplace.”

Technology providers for advisors and investors, such as robo-advisors, portfolio management and accounting platforms, can utilize FinRiver’s simple API to run thousands of calculations on portfolios in milliseconds. Providers can instantaneously run risk and performance metrics, aggregate factor exposures, do scenario analysis and stress testing, and conduct Monte Carlo simulations – up to 700 analytical items in all.

“FinMason’s institutional grade analytics and high quality data are second to none in the industry,” said Rich Cancro, founder and CEO of AdvisorEngine, a digital wealth management platform that has been using the FinMason API since October 2016. “The FinMason API has helped AdvisorEngine to significantly enhance the service we provide to advisors. We can now deliver intuitive and simple metrics about portfolios, which is a critical element for advisors in articulating their unique value proposition. It’s an easy way to win more clients during this crucial upgrade cycle.”

The power behind FinRiver is the Algonath, a highly-scaled computational complex that analyzes over six million individual investments globally. It is a data agnostic, intelligent platform that can calculate a standard analytical payload on a 50-asset portfolio is less than 20 milliseconds.

“This is what happens when extensive investment analytical experience, including five PhDs, merge with a modern technology platform that has been purpose-built from the ground up,” Wakeman said. “Many firms will see that we can deliver better analytics faster and cheaper than can be produced internally. That means firms can upgrade their analytics and user experience at the same time.”

Firms interested in leveraging FinRiver’s APIs can visit


FinMason is a Boston-based financial technology and investment analytics firm dedicated to providing tools that help financial advisors and their clients move forward with confidence. FinMason’s cutting-edge platform analyzes millions of global investments and delivers institutional-grade analytics at scale via three core products: FinRiver provides financial technology platforms with robust analytics and proprietary data sets via lightning-fast APIs; FinScore Pro provides financial advisors with a quick, intuitive and uncomplicated risk assessment tool that systematically develops a mutually understandable, bright-line agreement on risk from each client and prospect; and FinScope provides compliance teams with a way to screen through each client portfolio every night with robust analytics to detect problems before they become problems. For more information, visit or follow @finmasoninc on Twitter.


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