HAMILTON, Mass., July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Chew and Texture Technologies announced their strategic partnership combining the best of science and innovation in food product development. Chew is an innovation lab on a mission to democratize good food by developing radically more nutritious, sustainable, and enjoyable new food and beverage products. Texture Technologies’ texture analyzers help food scientists assess physical characteristics of their products such as crunchiness, crispiness, and hardness. Working together, the two companies are fast tracking Chew’s cutting-edge approach to food product development using texture analysis to rapidly test, refine, and iterate the texture of their products.

Product texture is an essential component of the food experience and product development. While some developers use a time-consuming hit-or-miss style of recipe tweaking to obtain a desirable product texture, Chew has opted for a more scientific and efficient approach using mechanical texture analysis. Chew’s team of chefs and scientists can rapidly develop, test, and reformulate their products using Texture Technologies’ tools and expertise to balance their culinary evaluation with scientific data. This approach helps further accelerate time to market, optimize the eating experience of end products, and rapidly meet changing consumer demands.

“At Chew we are constantly striving to create new solutions for the issues that arise in the food industry. To create products that are truly revolutionary, it is important for our team to have first-class equipment,” said Adam Melonas, CEO/founder of Chew. “Through partnering with Texture Technologies, we’ll be able to elevate and expedite our work in the lab and continue to strive for a new and improved generation of products in the packaged goods space.”

“Texture Technologies is an innovator in food texture analysis for over three decades and works with large and small food companies to address their textural challenges. We are excited about the creativity and pace that Chew brings to the food development marketplace. We are pleased to lend our tools and expertise as they tackle new and interesting ideas in the food industry,” said Marc Johnson, President of Texture Technologies.

About Texture Technologies

Texture Technologies is the North American distributor for Stable Microsystems’ Texture Analyzers, which are the gold standard for conducting mechanical texture analysis. For over 30 years major universities, Fortune 500 companies, and countless brands have relied on Texture Technologies’ expertise to test just about any product imaginable. http://www.texturetechnologies.com/

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