CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and STAMFORD, Conn., April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ARTiFACTS, creator of the world’s first blockchain-based platform for scholarly research, and Blockchain in Healthcare Today, the premier open access, peer review journal focused on the use of blockchain in the health sector, have formed a partnership to advance the use of blockchain in scholarly publishing. Under this partnership, ARTiFACTS and Blockchain in Healthcare Today will work together to integrate blockchain technology into the scholarly publishing workflow and collaborate on research to assess the effectiveness of the technology as a tool to improve speed, collaboration, access, transparency, and attribution in scholarly research.


Blockchain in Healthcare Today will make its content available on the ARTiFACTS platform and will also provide access for its author/researcher community to start using the platform to establish proof of existence for research outputs, share research artifacts, and provide and receive immutable attribution in real-time during their research. Authors will benefit from the ability to easily and securely share in-process work to speed collaboration and enhance their reputation as research is conducted. 

«Though we’re addressing the scholarly publishing market from two different places, ARTiFACTS and Blockchain in Healthcare Today both have common goals: to speed the research cycle, improve the depth and breadth of research available today, and build researcher reputations in real-time,» said ARTiFACTS President and Co-Founder, Courtney Morris. «This partnership will help us achieve these objectives, expand our respective user bases, and also provide a valuable use case for testing and refining our approach.»

The two entities have agreed to form a working group that will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a blockchain-based approach to scholarly knowledge and attribution dissemination. The findings from this research will be reviewed and published by Blockchain in Healthcare Today. Initial observations and insights will be presented at the October 2018 ConVerg2Xcelerate conference hosted by Blockchain in Healthcare Today.

«We’re excited to work with ARTiFACTS as it aligns with our portfolio’s mission to accelerate healthcare innovation and its knowledge base. ARTiFACTS is a company with deep experience and understanding of scholarly publishing as we’ve known it. Blockchain in Healthcare Today authors and subscribing researchers will now have a ‘safe harbor’ where efforts to intelligently push legacy processes and standards toward a new scientific era can flourish,» stated Tory Cenaj, Founder and Publisher, Blockchain in Healthcare Today.

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ARTiFACTS provides a user-friendly platform, purpose built for academic and scientific research that leverages blockchain technology. Researchers can record a valid and immutable chain of records in real-time, from the earliest stages of research for all research artifacts, including citing/attribution transactions. While today’s digital scholarship merely creates linkages among an artificially narrowed subset of indexed publications long after discoveries are made, ARTiFACTS focuses on capturing and linking knowledge from its initial ideation throughout the research process to informal and formal dissemination. By using the ARTiFACTS platform, researchers will be able to immutably prove ownership and existence of novel work, expand access to their research artifacts, provide and receive real-time attribution for novel work and more comprehensively and rapidly build and demonstrate their body of scholarly contributions.

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